C1.2 (C-A) τιμᾷν (-άω) honour, estimate

*ἀγαλλιᾷν (-άω) exult, be glad or overjoyed [11]

*ἀγαπᾷν (-άω) love, cherish [142/143]

ἀλοᾷν (-άω) thresh [3]

ἀμᾷν (-άω) mow [1]

ἀναβοᾷν (-άω) cry out [1]

ἀναγεννᾷν (-άω) beget again, give new life to [2]

ἀναζῇν (-ήω) live again, spring into life [2]

ἀναπηδᾷν (-άω) jump up, stand up [1]

ἀνασπᾷν (-άω) draw up, pull up [2]

ἀπαντᾷν (-άω) meet [2]

ἀπατᾷν (-άω) deceive, cheat, mislead [3]

ἀποπλανᾷν (-άω) cause to wander, mislead; pass. : wander away [2]

ἀποσπᾷν (-άω) draw out or away; pass. : mislead [4]

ἀποτολμᾷν (-άω) be bold [1]

ἀριστᾷν (-άω) eat breakfast, dine [3]

ἀποτριᾷν (-άω) plow [3]

ἀφορᾷν (-άω) fix one's eyes trustingly, see [2]

*βοᾷν (-άω) cry aloud, call, shout [12]

γελᾷν (-άω) laugh, rejoice [2]

*γεννᾷν (-άω) beget, bear, father, produce [96/100]

δαπανᾷν (-άω) spend, spend freely [5]

δειλιᾷν (-άω) be cowardly, timid [1]

διαπερᾷν (-άω) pass over, cross over [6]

διασπᾷν (-άω) rend asunder, tear apart [2]

διερωτᾷν (-άω) find out by inquiry [1]

*διψᾷν (-άω) thirst, be thirsty, long for [16]

*ἐᾷν (-άω) permit, let go, leave [11]

εἰσπηδᾷν (-άω) leap in, rush in [1]

ἐκδαπανᾷσθαι (-άομαι) be spent fuly [1]

ἐκκλᾷσθαι (-άομαι) break off (of branches) [3]

ἐκκολυμβᾷν (-άω) swim away [1]

ἐκπηδᾷν (-άω) rush out [1]

ἐλεᾷν (-άω) have mercy on, pity; pass. : be shown mercy [3]

ἐλλογᾷν (-άω) charge to one's account [1]

ἐμβριμᾷσθαι (-άομαι) be moved with anger, criticise [5]

ἐμπιπλᾷν (-άω) and ἐμπίμπληῶ (-ά+μι) fill up, satisfy, enjoy [5]

ἐμφυσᾷν (-άω) breath on [1]

ἐνκαυχᾷσθαι (-άομαι) boast [1]

ἐντρυφᾷν (-άω) revel, carouse [1]

ἐξαπατᾷν (-άω) deceive, mislead [6]

ἐξεραυνᾷν (-άω) inquire carefully [1]

ἐπακροᾷσθαι (-άομαι) listen to [1]

*ἐπερωτᾷν (-άω) ask, question, inquire [56]

ἐπισπᾷσθαι (-άομαι) pull over the foreskin [1]

*ἐπιτιμᾷν (-άω) rebuke, warn, reprove [30]

ἐραυνᾷν (-άω) investigate, examine, search [6]

*ἐρωτᾷν (-άω) ask, request, entreat [63]

*ζῇν (-ήω) live, be well, remain alive [140]

θυμιᾷν (-άω) offer incense [1]

καθορᾷν (-άω) perceive, notice clearly [1]

καταγελᾷν (-άω) deride, ridicule, laugh at [3]

κατακαυχᾷσθαι (-άομαι) boast against, triumph over [4]

κατακλᾷν (-άω) break in pieces [2]

καταναρκᾷν (-άω) be burdensome, torbid [3]

*καταντᾷν (-άω) come to, arrive at, reach [13]

καταρτᾷσθαι (-άομαι) curse, execrate [5]

καταστρηνιᾷν (-άω) become wanton against, be sexually impelled [1]

καταχρᾷσθαι (-άομαι) make full use of, use [2]

*καυχᾷσθαι (-άομαι) boast, glory, pride oneself in [36]

*κλᾷν (-άω) break [14]

κοιμᾷσθαι (-άομαι) fall asleep, sleep, die [18]

*κολλᾷσθαι (-άομαι) join, cleave to, associate with [12]

κολυμβᾷν (-άω) swim [1]

κομᾷν (-άω) wear long hair [2]

κονιᾷν (-άω) whitewash [2]

*κοπιᾷν (-άω) toil, grow weary, strive [22/23]

λακᾷν (-άω) or λακῶ (έω) burst apart or open [1]

λικμᾷν (-άω) scatter, winnow, grind, crush [2]

μασᾷσθαι (-άομαι) bite, gnaw [1]

μελετᾷν (-άω) think or meditate upon, cultivate, practice [2]

μεριμνᾷν (-άω) be anxious, care for [19]

μοιχᾷσθαι (-άομαι) commit adultery [4]

μυκᾷσθαι (-άομαι) roar (of lions) [1]

μωμᾷσθαι (-άομαι) blame, find fault with; pass. be found fault with [2]

*νικᾷν (-άω) conquer, prevail, be victor [28]

ξυρᾷσθαι (-άομαι) shear, shave, to be shaved [3]

ὀδυνᾷσθαι (-άομαι) suffer pain, be in agony [4]

*ὁρᾷν (-άω) see, care for [114]

ὁρμᾷν (-άω) set out, run headlong [5]

*πεινᾷν (-άω) hunger, be hungry, long for [23]

πειρᾷσθαι (-άομαι) try, attempt, endeavour [1]

περισπᾷσθαι (-άομαι) become quite busy or distracted, worried [1]

*πλανᾷν (-άω) lead astray, deceive [39]

προαιτιᾷσθαι (-άομαι) accuse beforehand [1]

προμελετᾷν (-άω) practice beforehand, prepare [1]

προμεριμνᾷν (-άω) be anxious beforehand [1]

προορᾷν (-άω) foresee; mid: see before one [2]

προσδαπανᾷν (-άω) spend in addition [1]

*προσδοκᾷν (-άω) wait for, look for, expect [16]

προσεᾷν (-άω) permit to go farther [1]

προσκολλᾷσθαι (-άομαι) join oneself with, adhere closely [1]

*σιγᾷν (-άω) keep silent, conceal [10]

*σιωπᾷν (-άω) be silent, be still, be quiet [10]

σκιρτᾷν (-άω) spring, leap about, stir [3]

σπᾷσθαι (-άομαι) draw (of swords) [2]

σπαταλᾷν (-άω) live luxuriously or voluptuously [2]

στρηνιᾷν (-άω) live in luxury or sensuality [2]

συλᾷν (-άω) rob someone [1]

συναντᾷν (-άω) meet with, happen [6]

συνζῇν (-ήω) live with, live together [3]

συνθλᾷσθαι (-άομαι) be broken, crushed, dashed [2]

συνχρᾷσθαι (-άομαι) associate on friendly terms [1]

*τελευτᾷν (-άω) die, finish, come to an end [11]

*τιμᾷν (-άω) honour, estimate [21]

*τολμᾷν (-άω) dare, have courage [16]

τρυγᾷν (-άω) gather (grapes), harvest [3]

τρυφᾷν (-άω) lead a self-indulgent life [1]

*ὑπαντᾷν (-άω) meet, go to meet [10]

ὑπερνικᾷν (-άω) win a glorious victory [1]

φρεναπατᾷν (-άω) deceive, fool [1]

χαλᾷν (-άω) let down, lower [7]

χολᾷν (-άω) be angry [1]

*χρᾷσθαι (-άομαι) use, employ, act, proceed, treat [11]

χρᾷν (-άω) lend [1]

ψηλαφᾷν (-άω) touch, feel after, handle [4]